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Who we are

Laboratorios POLICHEM was established in Reus in 1984. Initially created as an independent enterprise, in 2005 it became part of the PINTALUBA GROUP (, a business group operating in Spain and abroad, established in 1978 by Andrés Pintaluba Esporrín.

The company’s has always focused on the veterinary sector, manufacturing and marketing animal nutrition and health products. Its product portfolio includes pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements and a wide range of additives, with specific solutions for different animal species.

POLICHEM is headquartered in Reus, in the PINTALUBA GROUP building. Our facilities, integrated in ANDRÉS PINTALUBA S.A., are certified according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and by the AEMPS (Spanish Medicines Agency).

Sharing the concerns and needs of each individual farm or agricultural unit has helped us to develop products designed to meet the veterinary sector’s demands.

The international operations of PINTALUBA GROUP - POLICHEM make it one of the most important suppliers of animal health and nutrition products in Spain and Europe.

Our business growth is based on our human assets, marketing services and the quality of our products, together with our undertaking to satisfy our clients’ needs in order to develop sustainable businesses.

grupo pintaluba

Polichem Laboratorios, S.L.U.    ·    Pol. Ind. Agro-Reus    ·    Prudenci Bertrana, 5    ·    E-43206 Reus (SPAIN)    ·    Tel.: +34 977 317 111    ·    Fax: +34 977 323 188