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There are different types of microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts or moulds, to mention just a few) that reduce food quality and thus affect the animal´s diet. In order to halt or minimise the deterioration of food due to the presence of these different types of organisms, Laboratorios POLICHEM presents a specific range of preservatives as food additives.

Once the animal is fed, and in order to maximise the diet´s yield and acidify the digestive tract, Laboratorios POLICHEM also presents specific acidifiers to increase food digestibility.

ANTIFUNGAL (powder) - Ammonium formate, ammonium propionate and clays -
ANTIFUNGAL (powder) - Ca-Propionate and Sodium Chloride -
ACIDIFIER (powder) - Orthophosphoric, fumaric and citric acids -
ACIDIFIER (liquid) - Formic, lactic and propionic acids -
PRESERVATIVE (liquid) - Several formulations -
PRESERVATIVE (powder) - Several formulations -
BACTERICIDES (liquid) - Several formulations -
BACTERICIDES (powder) - Several formulations -
grupo pintaluba

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