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Laboratorios POLICHEM currently markets the following medicinal products according to the strictest quality, safety and efficacy standards.

Our drugs, integrated in the following pharmaceutical forms, have optimal properties, providing the best pharmacological effect through their ingredients in order to prevent, relieve or cure diseases, or modify the physiological status of the target species.

As we are aware that our clients´ needs are not all the same and can often only be satisfied after receiving expert advice, please contact us if you do not identify the product or format that satisfies your requirements.

DOXYCYCLINE (soluble powder) - Antibacterial -
ENROFLOXACIN (oral solution) - Antibacterial -
COLISTIN (soluble powder) - Antibacterial -
COLISTIN (premix) - Antibacterial -
AMOXICILLIN (premix) - Antibacterial -
OXYTETRACYCLINE (premix) - Antibacterial -
TIAMULIN (premix) - Antibacterial -
SULFADIMIDINE (premix) - Antibacterial -
OXYBENDAZOLE (premix) - Antibacterial -
TYLOSIN (premix) - Antibacterial -
ZINC BACITRACIN (premix) - Antibacterial -
ZINC OXIDE (premix) - Antibacterial -
grupo pintaluba

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