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APSA POLIHEPAVIT: Oral Solution – Drinking water application.

Trade brands:

Hydrolyzed dried yeast and sodium chloride.

Additives per 1 L:
Vitamins, provitamins and chemically well defined substances having similar effect:
Vitamin B1     2.5 g
Vitamin B2     2.0 g
Vitamin B6     3.0 g
Vitamin B12  15.0 mg
Nicotinic acid  8.0 g
Calcium pantothenate  8.0 g
Amino acids, salts and analogues:
DL-Methionine, technically pure   10.0 g

APSA POLIHEPAVIT stimulates the metabolism of lipids and fatty acids in order to ensure energy  release to the cells. Avoids accumulation of these substances in the adipocytes and non desirable fat deposits.
Due to its formulation, provides specific hepato-protective function.
Also improves digestion and protects the enzymatic activity of the liver and stimulates toxin elimination.

Dosage and target species:
APSA POLIHEPAVIT is indicated for poultry, swine, ruminants and rabbits as a vitamin and amino acid supplement in states of deficiency or subdeficiency, and in post-infectious states.
Administer in drinking water at a dose of: 2 ml per litre of drinking water for 5 to 7 days.

Instructions for use:
Oral route in drinking water.
Shake well before use.

Not described.

Withdrawal period:
Not required.

Storage conditions:
Store in original packaging in a cool dry place; protect from light.

Packaging and packing units:
1 L - PE bottles in cardboard boxes - 10 x 1 L - up to 840 L  per pallet 
5 L - PE canisters in cardboard boxes - 4 x 5 L - up to 1,000 L  per pallet
25 L - PE drums - 20 x 25 L - up to 1.500 L  per pallet

The data included in this document is for information purposes only, not to be taken as a prescription guideline. According to local legislation, please contact us at to check the best product prescription.

grupo pintaluba

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